What’s the best furniture for Higher Education institutions?

December 12, 2023

Think of studying at college or university in the UK and you may immediately think of grand lecture halls and classroom style layouts.

Before Covid hit, our friends at The Senator Group embarked upon a research project alongside Pearson Lloyd to look at the ever-changing landscape in higher education. Their goal? To determine the best furniture to support new trends in teaching methods while supporting both the needs of students and staff alike.

What did they find? Two years of research showed that learning environments weren’t adequately supporting the delivery of the curriculum. The furniture and layouts of these environments simply weren’t conducive to new styles of learning such as flipped learning, active learning and social learning.

Further to this, the trends that were being discussed pre-Covid had now become the norm in a post-Covid world, much like home-working. Traditional ways of learning, such as in-person lectures and classroom lessons, were now rapidly changing due to the introduction of new technologies and teaching styles.

Rooted in the above research, The Senator Group and Pearson Lloyd created the CoLab range. This range offers a highly versatile modular furniture system that empowers both shared learning and collaboration, predicated on the below points:

  1. Intelligent space creating agile, adaptable environments for learning, socialising and collaborating
  2. Sit, stand, or perch to support a variety of positions and movements when you need to inject some fresh energy
  3. Power to everyone, everywhere with integrated power distribution systems that aren’t tied to floor-box layouts
  4. Built for use with a robustness and durability for daily use while keeping a warm aesthetic
  5. Repairable and recyclable products that are designed in accordance with circular design principles, meaning each product in the range can easily be repaired.

Here at TG Office Services, we’d be more than happy to discuss the furniture requirements of your college or university to help you create the optimum space for learning, collaboration and ensuring your students are set up for future success.

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